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We aim to open international colleges that will consist of education with Vr Glasses. With these colleges, we want to eliminate educational inequality in the world. In addition, with the formula and theory NFT option, we aim to help people both contribute to education and earn money by spreading their ideas and inventions all around the world. We will offer a ''learn2earn'' option. Students will solve a test and register to our qualified classes with the tokens they will earn from here. Our next goal will be to establish the NFT market of academic articles.

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UVR will create a chain between educators and students. In the first phase, we plan to open our institutions in the capital cities of the piloting countries. And this will enable students from all over the world to have lectures in many different languages. Later we will open new branches of our institution in the capital cities. For educators, we will open an area called "UVR Studio" where they can upload their courses. People can use their UVR Tokens in the areas that are shown below and many more.

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